This short film collection is a celebration of the innumerable and diverse forms of queer sexuality. So called “key parties” are being reinvented, BDSM practices are shown in a kinky yet intimate and raw way, and anonymous sexual encounters in the lesbian cruising scene are explored. Watch pin-up beauty Mimosa experience an otherworldly orgasm and meet freshly-fucked foodies order a special delivery. Also questions are being raised: about belonging and feeling home in queer scenes, about being “queer enough.” They lead into a playful exploration of sexualities, joy and pleasure.

‼ Please bring your health-certificates according to the valid corona-prevention measures. Reserved tickets must be collected up until 30 minutes before the screening.
Tickets 8.-

Enough, Kate Sinclair, Canada, 2019, 5′, EN OV
The Melita Show The Movie, Menelas, Greece, 2019, 12′, GR, EN OV
Pain and Pleasure in Pink and Blue, Carlos Deth, United States, 2019, 16′
La Cuisine, Carmina A, France, 2018, 14′, FR OV (local only)
FagDyke Cruising, Toni Karat, Germany, 2019, 16′
Ouroboros, Dwam, France, 2018, 8′
The Key Party, Inka Winter, United States, 2019, 22′
Brunch on Bikes, Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell, Germany, 2019, 3′ (local only)