Benthe Forrer, NL, 2016
90 min., OmU
Ciné-ONU ist mittlerweile eine europaweite Initiative von regelmäßigen Filmvorführungen, die ursprünglich im Jahre 2007 vom Regionalen Informationszentrum der Vereinten Nationen (UNRIC) in Brüssel ins Leben gerufen wurde. Dabei werden Filme zu UNO-relevanten Themen gezeigt und im Anschluss Podiumsdiskussionen mit geladenen Gästen, die entweder zur Entstehung des Filmes beigetragen haben oder Experten für das im Film behandelte Thema sind, veranstaltet.
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Have you ever purchased a chocolate bar in your lifetime? If so, I have bad news for you: you’re a criminal. You may be wondering when Congress passed a law against chocolate, but that’s not actually the issue at hand. The issue is that everyone who has bought chocolate has supported child slavery. Don’t be alarmed. You’re not going to jail or anything and no judge would ever take this case, but this is the subject of the documentary The Chocolate Case.

The Chocolate Case follows the journey of Dutch journalist Teun van de Keuken (or Tony for short), who tried to expose the chocolate industry for their use of child slavery for harvesting cocoa beans. Although this started out as a journalistic endeavor, the mission evolved over many years and Tony ended up creating the first 100% slave-free chocolate bars with his company, Tony Chocolonely.