Everything's Better than a Hooker

Everything's Better than a Hooker
Ovidie, FR, 2018
56 min., OmeU
Västerås is a contemplative town in Sweden northwest of Stockholm. Till an awful murder shatters the tranquility. The victim, Eva-Maree, was only 27 when she got brutally stabbed to death by the father of her children during a meeting with the local social services. Despite a history of violence, the father was awarded sole custody of the children after social services learnt that Eva-Maree had previously worked as an escort. With this documentary Everything's Better than a Hooker, director Ovidie investigates how hostile attitudes towards sex workers and the policies of a supposedly protective state amalgamate, leading the way to a horrific abuse of power.
The Porn Film Festival Vienna was brought into existence in 2018, and started with posing an easy (yet strangely hard to answer) question: "What is porn?" 2019 sees the festival return on 4-8 April, still with the challenging objective to showcase and celebrate the colorful diversity of porn, and stimulate an open, societal debate. Its mission is to bring a genre back into the public sphere of the cinema that is usually locked away in private quarters. Its prime directive is to present the creativity and political possibilities of a defining (yet always hidden) part of society. The goal is to challenge prejudices and stereotypes.

The festival offers a film and theory program that breaks the monotony boring cheesy mainstream porn - to proudly presents feminist, queer & LGBTIQ* positions. The Porn Film Festival Vienna wants to create an open and welcoming space for reception, discussion, and reflection and to challenge and broaden horizons. Because porn can be: lustful, honest, friendly and self-determined! The festival's second edition will take place April 4-8 2019 in various venues in Vienna. It will devote itself extensively to the daring question: "What is shame?"

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