Porn Film Festival Vienna

Das Porn Film Festival lässt die Grenzen zwischen Kunst und Sex verwischen, um eine Art des Filmemachens zu fördern, welche die wenigsten von uns bisher gesehen haben und führt uns zu der Frage: “What is Porn?”
Vienna's sexiest film festival is back from 4-8 April 2019!
70 Films
10 Lecture and Workshops
6 Parties
1 Exhibition
Join us in the heart of Vienna, where we'll screen a carefully curated selection of feature, documentary and short films depicting a wide variety of sexual orientations, identities, and body norms blurring the lines between sexuality, art and cinema. Our vision is to create a safe space to collectively discuss and reflect on pornography, sexuality and sexual identity. 
This year, the festival asks the question “WHAT IS SHAME?”
Q&As with filmmakers, panel discussions, lectures, and our legendary Porn Party on Saturday April 6th 2019 at Camera Club complement the four days. 
>> The Porn Party hosted by Porn Film Festival Vienna 2019
As a sneak peek of our program, we are proud to announce that our opening film will be the award-winning documentary "The Artist & The Pervert" by Beatrice Behn and René Gebhardt. 
>> The Artist & The Pervert – Austrian Premiere
By supporting our crowdfunding campaign you can already get tickets for movies and workshops or The Porn Party and get some great perks on top of that. What are you waiting for? 
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Let's take a look together through the cinematic peephole at the BEST OF of the Porn Film Festival Vienna from the last two years! Get out of the dark corners of pornographic bingewatching alone in front of your laptop under your blankets, and let's go to the cinema together. All cinephiles and sex-positivists: let's enjoy the playful and lets watch lustrous, the new glances the genre throws at us, let's watch new frivolities!

Bitte um Reservierung und Abholung mindestens 30 Minuten vor Vorstellungsbeginn. Beim Ticketkauf und Einlass gilt nach wie vor Maskenpflicht.

It is Not the Pornographer That is Perverse...

DE/CA/US, 2018
70 min., OmU
A devil that comes straight from hell to a cemetery in Madrid to seduce mourning men. A Uber cab driver who talks his passenger out of suicide to give him a rather unusual city walk. A terrorist group that rewires heterosexual men to the gay cause to prevent the world from overpopulation. A group of young men that find themselves right within the porn movie they were just watching in a shabby cinema. In this allusive film whose title itself reminds of Rosa von Praunheim’s emancipatory classic, Bruce La Bruce combines four quite different episodes that together create a furious tour de force through gay subcultures and the madness of our present times.

FEM* Porn Shorts

diverse, diverse
60 min.,
  • Paperporn: The Wet One, Gianni Arni, SUI 2018 , 15′′
  • Tidal, Dwam Ipomée, FRA 2017, 7′, EN OV                         
  • Triple P, Allie Oops, CAN 2018, 8′, EN OV + EN subs (COMPETITION INT. SHORTS)
  • Retour, Feuerzeug, GER 2019, 23′, DE OV + EN subs       
  • Second Shutter, Goodyn Green, GER 2018, 46′, EN OV
  • Jawbreaker, Mahx Capacity, USA 2018, 14′, EN OV (COMPETITION INT. SHORTS)

Greek Queer Porn Shorts

62 min.,
Satyrs and Sapho: a greek LGBT selection presented by Menelas Siafakas. In So Quiet: The Performativity of a Pussyundefined we learn that every pussy is doing it’s very own performance and it’s legitimate to sexually fantasize about your father like Roco. Reflections of a Miniature past lover, leaving behind a burden. Twitter experts trigger queer masturbation fantasies in Gods and Monsters and in Synthlepsyundefinedand flickering pictures of bodies are melting together, revealing something dark and lecherous. In Raspberry Reich we see political action-takers come to power in dark times and dreams come true during an Afternoon Siesta, when sweet angels encounter men and tenderness collides with intensity.

The Naked Feminist & Adorn (double feature)

86 min.,
Adorn: A woman and a man meet – for the first time. In the beginning they are completely naked, in the end they are mostly clothed and utterly exhausted. The in-between knows no script, the performers indulge in each other, totally improvised, surrendered to the moment and their pleasure. Together they laugh, kiss, tease, fight, finger and fuck - enjoying the beauty of sex. With Adorn, director Jennifer Lyon Bell shows an experimental erotic game, a love scene in reverse. The Naked Feminist‍: The Naked Feminist challenges the myths surrounding women in the US-American porn industry. Featuring some of the most renowned actresses of the porn business, the documentary explores what it means for those women to work in porn, how they support each other, which hardships they face and how they still make it a rewarding, maybe even empowering experience. An insightful documentary that challenges preconceived notions of control, pleasure and exploitation.
With: Marilyn Chambers, Veronica Hart

Everything's Better than a Hooker

FR, 2018
56 min., OmdU
Västerås is a contemplative town in Sweden northwest of Stockholm. Till an awful murder shatters the tranquility. The victim, Eva-Maree, was only 27 when she got brutally stabbed to death by the father of her children during a meeting with the local social services. Despite a history of violence, the father was awarded sole custody of the children after social services learnt that Eva-Maree had previously worked as an escort. With this documentary Everything's Better than a Hooker, director Ovidie investigates how hostile attitudes towards sex workers and the policies of a supposedly protective state amalgamate, leading the way to a horrific abuse of power.

Noel Alejandro Porn Shorts

ES 91 min., OV (englisch)
Noel Alejandro is a gay adult film maker born in Barcelona and living in Berlin. His films are undeniably arousing but embedded in an aesthetic language so soft, clear and beautiful. Noel uses sex as filmic vocabulary but nevertheless his films communicate political matters, deep emotions and social taboos. In the Noel Alejandro Porn shorts we are taken to a trip to the darkest corners of our mind like in Call me a Ghost. Serodiscordantes explores a relationhip, focusing in on the moment where an HIV status is revealed. We are taken to hot waters and abundant landscapes full of innocence in The Seed, whereas The End brings us close to moments full of grieve and the demonic persuasions of passed-away flesh. Sweat lets us discover a visit of a friend that turns to a sensual redemption of a most feared fetish.


GB, 2019
72 min., OmdU
It’s 1965. Homosexuality is still illegal in Britain. The gay liberation movement is yet in its infancy. However, things are about to change. In the documentary 69, director Rob Eagle is telling the story of the Sixty Nine Club, Europe’s oldest social group for gay leathermen. Officially founded as ‘motorcycle club’ to escape legal prosecution, this club was a place where gay men could celebrate hyper-masculinity in leather and fetish, including BDSM. Based on home movies and colorful interviews with the endearing members, the film explores the rich history of the club from the beginnings through the AIDS crisis till now – thus narrating an important chapter of British gay history. ‍Original members of the Sixty Nine Club, in cooperation with LMC Vienna.

Female Touch

IT, 2018
80 min., OmdU
After a long day at work, a woman is coming back home, preparing a relaxing bath. Once in the bathtub, she is wearing a black latex mask and starts masturbating. Her masturbation, both exciting and stimulating, ends in an intensive orgasm. ‍Female Touch is a blasphemous, dreamlike work of art. A film that creates the vision of the original woman and lesbian in surreal yet sensual pictures. A film that denounces the decadence of contemporary society. Finally, a tribute to the cinema of the Italian filmmaker Alberto Cavallone, to whom the film is dedicated.

Arthouse Vienna Special

60 min.,
Inside Porn Productions Lecture: Pornoclips sind verfügbarer als jemals zuvor, doch kaum jemand weiß konkret, was am Set abläuft. Die wildesten Spekulationen ranken sich darum, doch kaum jemand hat Einblick. Wie genau entsteht ein Pornofilm? Wie plant man sein Projekt? Welche Probleme gibt es bei alternativen oder ethischen Produktionen? Wie einfach ist es in einer von der Klassik dominierten Stadt wie Wien und im konservativen Österreich zu produzieren? Wie finde ich Performer? Was passiert am Set und wieviel davon sieht man im Clip? Wieviel ist Realität, wieviel filmische Illusion? Adrineh Simonian und Patrick Catuz von Arthouse Vienna geben in diesem Vortrag einen Einblick in ihr schaffen und erzählen Geschichten aus fast einem Jahrzehnt Erfahrung in der Pornoindustrie.
With: Adrineh Simonian & Patrick Catuz from Arthouse Vienna
Language: German


Political Porn Shorts

94 min., OmU
Pornography is just about getting sexually aroused by the means of audiovisual material, right? Wrong!  Porn is political. Period. Pornography reflects, criticizes and re-imagines what sexuality is and could be, for us as individuals and as society. Our Political Porn Shorts touch on pressing issues on the politics of sexuality. Find out how BDSM practices change right-wing political opinions in present-day Israel, what an elephant from Hong Kong can tell you about consciousness and spectatorship, how tabooed female sexuality can be life-threatening in Japan or how many ways there are to celebrate sex-positivity, acceptance and consent, here and everywhere. We also see that there is no need for exclusion.

Ursinho & Emmanuel in the desert (double feature)

FR 90 min., OmdU
Urshino: Teddybear is a corpulent gay man in his early 30th living in the dull favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Being gay in such an environment is already hard, being an introvert as well makes matters even worse. He falls in love with one of Copacabana’s top-notch male prostitutes who is exclusively working for wealthy, upper-class clients. This young man seems entirely out of reach for Teddy. However, he is determined to overcome his inhibitions and finally meet him.
Emmanuel in the desert: What happens if the nail polish crackles off by tearing-up the dirt? Piece by piece, afar from all, deep in the countryside. Emmanuel tells us about rural places and how to reinvent your sexuality deep in a cultural and emotional desert. Emmanuel in the desert is a grandiose piece about rising above fear and loneliness, strengthening your inner self, and how to grow throught the power of radical self-realization.


US, 2018
72 min., OV
Shakedown is a party series in Los Angeles organized by queer lesbian African-American women. With their parties they open up one of the rare spaces where queers of color can meet each other to live their lesbian sexuality, (mostly) without restraints. In her documentary Shakedown, director Leilah Weinraub unfolds an impressive document of lived lesbian culture, between striptease, lapdances and police repression. Numerous original recordings, complemented with backstage footage and intimate interviews with the protagonists provide an authentic insight into California’s lesbian scene. Shakedown is a contemporary document, through and through hedonistic, celebrating lesbian sexuality in sync with hip-hop beats.

Lesbian Porn Shorts

85 min., OmU
The Lesbian Porn Shorts present a wide variety of sapphic film making in all its diversity. Il Pleut lets us observe a sensual experience of two women who make their bodies sing in the rain just to find ourselves again in a sensual negotiation of power in Driven. L’Annonce features a mysterious get-together that ends in a lustful interaction whereas nature and pleasure blend to the fulness of the yoniverse in Yoni Love. Pain dulce narrates the story of the sweetness of pain while Polyethylene Touch showcases a translucent game of corporeality between bodies and plastics. As you wish, my Lady negotiates questions of power, pleasure and desire as Zarosli meditates on the politics of seeing and being seen.

A Thought of Ecstasy

DE, 2017
90 min., OmdU
Love is immortal. Seduction is inevitable. Revenge is irresistible. California, in the year 2019. A country paralyzed by a heatwave and lost in suspicion and paranoia. Frank recognizes his own story of years ago in a recently published book. A memoir by Marie - a past love with whom he lived before she moved to America and disappeared from his life. Caught in a maelstrom of memories he cuts all ties to his civic life and hits the interstate highway towards the desert to retrace her last known journey according to the roadmap of the diary. When he meets the young stripper Nina, the sheer words of the book seem to materialize in his present reality. Or is Frank just becoming a character in a story? Then, like a haunting spirit, Marie reappears.

Exquisite Pleasure presented by Blue Movie

87 min., OmU
Verso Cinema is a collective of internationally multi awarded filmmakers under another identity. They say about themselves: "We seek to break that barrier in order to create, with absolute freedom, a new concept of pornography, where eroticism and sensuality emerge through the film language and narrative. We want to awaken your mind. We want to inspire you. We want to excite you." Exquisite Pleasure is exactly what the title suggests: an exquisite pleasure to watch, divided into five parts. In Hungmen, a horny couple inspires us with a very interesting version of the game hangman and in Stolen we learn how a burglary can go wrong yet end in a pleasant way however. In Sweet Sacrifice we experience which secret ingredient a master baker uses to create some fluffy muffins. Deeply bitten shows us that a cage and some fangs make very versatile utensils in a nightclub before the film concludes with Snapshot that presents to us the rhythm of love in its manifold expressions.


US, 2018
98 min., OV
 This feature length film seeks to explore the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. This work aims to negotiate pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive, trans-inclusive feminist practice rooted in femme caretaking and risk, and contextualizes itself as a choreographic process. (  ) investigates the complexity of pleasure, exploring the so-called obscenity of bodies in their most tremendous capacity—their glorious, illicit humanity. Created by the queer/feminist porn collective AORTA films in collaboration with the performance company “the A.O. movement collective”, the film celebrates queer pleasure as a type of queer resistance, while inviting viewers of all identities towards their own human capacity for pleasure.


UK, 2011
101 min., OV
Brandon is a 30-something living in New York. Brandon has a well-paid job in the advertising industry. And Brandon has a problem: He is sex-addicted, spending his time with hookers, one-night stands and pornography. While his problems are growing worse, his eccentric sister Sissy, a troubled person herself, comes and moves into his flat. Her presence and her longing for emotional closeness turn Brandon’s life upside down. Shame is a radical exposure, both bodily and mentally, a film about sex and the longing for intimacy in a superficial world.

Intro Porn Shorts

102 min., OmU
The Intro Porn Shorts provide an overview of what Porn Film Festival Vienna is all about: This carefully chosen selection of short films reflects the diversity of contemporary porn productions and features a wide variety of aesthetics and topics addressed. We see how a spilt glass of whiskey can lead to a lustful experience and reflect on the aesthetics of male genitalia. Kinky Father-Daughter-Fantasies and their relationship to the topic of consent are equally discussed as the pleasures that women can gain from riding a bike…the right way. We learn about the visual significance of split screen filming for pornography and experience what happens when two strangers meet alone in the woods. Long story short: come and see how diverse pornography can be nowadays!

KINK, TANTRA / ESO, LOVE - ‘The Art of Sex’

93 min.,
Pornfilm Vienna - Shortfilm Program

We are oversexed and underfucked. We watch porn, we talk about sex positions, we discuss female orgasms and male performance, but we always stay on a superficial level.