Everything is a mind-blowing, compelling, and moving feature narrative photographed by American experimentalist Bruce Posner with 35mm still cameras and scored to new music performances by Malcolm Goldstein, Duke Ellington, Carlos Dominguez, and Christian Wolf. No movie cameras were used to create this pulsating bullet-train experience that ricochets across a century of crazy modern life. “The result pictures a bold sort of American Gothic, a crazy-quilt of images that pound away at the eye and brain.” (Miami Herald) “Posner’s highly kinetic collages comment with unforeseen poignancy on the finality of time’s passing (The Boston Globe).“ Posner in person will introduce Everything and selected shorts by pioneer film artists Kurt Kren, Charles Sheeler,Paul Strand, and Francis Thompson.

Manhattan (1920-1921) by Charles Sheeler, Paul Strand, 11:44 min

N.Y., N.Y. (1958) by Francis Thompson, 15:20 min.

46/90 Falter 2 (1990) by Kurt Kren, 1 min.

49/95 Tausendjahrekino (1996) by Kurt Kren (1995), 3:20 min.

50/96 Snapspots (for Bruce) 1996) by Kurt Kren, 4:45 min.

Everything That Happens Must Happen Somewhere (1896-2024) by Bruce Posner

Kurt Kren films courtesy Sixpackfilm

*not included in nonstop Kinoabo