Philipp Fussenegger, Dino Osmanovic, AT/DE/US, 2020
80 min., OmeU
Porn Film Festival Vienna
Gewinner BEST DOCUMENTARY beim diesjährigen Porn Film Festival Vienna.
Davor zeigen wir THE MULTIVERSE IN A MOUTHFUCK - Gewinner Int. Short.

Tisch “The Tigress” Thomas was born to be on stage. The 47-year-old mother and grandmother had toughened up her body - as much as her mind - during her transformation into a bodybuilder and stage goddess. “I Am The Tigress” captures her most spectacular stage performances as well as her most fragile moments behind the scenes.

The documentary shows “The Tigress” moving from her work as a dominatrix to the intimate circle of her family and friends. It portrays a woman that seems to be the incarnation of body positivity, and at the same time is a vulnerable person fighting against self-doubt and social discrimination.

ticket price: 9.-€