MR. LEATHER with pre-film OINK!

diverse, diverse, 2020/21
127 min., OmdU
Porn Film Festival Vienna
Shown and presented in cooperation with LMC Vienna Hard ON

Mr. Leather, Daniel Nolasco, Brazil, 2019, 85', Portuguese OV & EN subs

The shocking and sexually explicit new documentary “Mr. Leather” invites you to embrace your deepest and darkest desires. Take a front-row seat as five individual contestants vie for full leather dominance! The winner will be crowned the first official Mr. Leather of Brazil. Along with victory comes a year-long commitment to promoting the leather community throughout the country. As sailors and sadists alike arrive in town, writer-director Daniel Nolasco, making his feature-length film debut, follows all the action in voyeuristic detail, creating gorgeous and intensely provocative compositions that celebrate the unique power of this thriving subculture.
OINK!, Rob Eagle, UK, 2020, 22', EN OV & EN subs

Featuring interviews recorded in Los Angeles and Berlin in 2019/20, the experimental documentary film offers a portrait of gay men who—in different ways—relate to the gay “pig” sexual imaginary. It provides insight into their experiences of identity, masculinity, community, belonging, sexual pleasure and intimacy, as they are co-shaped and framed by 21st-century media. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), OINK! is a research documentary produced by Dr João Florêncio (University of Exeter, UK) as part of his AHRC Leadership Fellows project "Masculinities and the Ethics of Porosity in 'Post-AIDS' Gay Porn."

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