Once again this year, we want to pay tribute to national filmmakers with a Mara Mattuschka retrospective! In her short film program, she shows us body, lust, sex, intimacy and language as the playing field of the cinematic eye. She opens up concepts, connects them with bodies and bodily fluids, and expands the corporeal with her private, virtuous mythology. Lust, disgust, shame and ecstasy are constantly being staged anew. In the process, she blurs the deciphering of female and male bodies. In doing so, her films meet the festival’s thematic focus: “What is sex?” and find a new translation.

Mara Mattuschka was born in 1959 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studied ethnology and linguistics at the University of Vienna. The award-winning filmmaker, actress and painter lives and works in Vienna.

Burning Palace, Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring, Austria, 2009, 32′, EN OV
Königin der Nacht (Mozart Minute 20), Mara Mattuschka, Austria, 2006, 1′, DE OV
Unternehmen Arschmaschine, Mara Mattuschka & Gabrielle Szekatsch, Austria, 1997, 17′, DE OV
Es hat mich sehr gefreut, Mara Mattuschka, Austria, 1987, 2′, DE OV
Butter (Perfect Garden Shortcut), Mara Mattuschka und Chris Haring, Austria, 2013, 10′, various OV
Qvid Tvm (Special Shortcut), Mara Mattuschka, Austria, 2012, 10′, DE OV
S.O.S. Extraterrestria, Mara Mattuschka, Germany & Austria, 1993, 10′, DE OV
Les Miserables, Mara Mattuschka, Austria, 1987, 3′, DE OV