CLIMATE CHANGE PORN SHORTS & Fuck For Forest - First Years

Foreplay: From cannabis, eco-sexuality and consensual kink to a fake documentary that explores the “Pohornys” tribe practicing eco-sexual rituals; from floral fuckery to tree vulvas: Love your environment and make love in your environment!

The main act: “Fuck For Forest”: a documentary, from the startup of the world’s only real social ecological porn project – also known as the FFF. Follow the gonzo story of Leona & Tommy – creating fuck for forest. Armed with low-fi equipment and sexy attitude, FFF collects money for saving nature, while learning about the power of sex and nudity – facing the sad reality of nature suppression.

SEXPLORER, Diego Tigrotto , Italy, 2020, 20′, IT OV + EN subs    
Dank Domination, Dom Razberry & Daemon Derriere, United States, 2020, 4′
Treeorgasm, Eila Wall Boholm & Albert Foresther, Sweden, 2019, 3′
Sunlight, Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom, 2019, 12′
Fuck For Forest – first years, Tommy Hol Ellingsen, Germany, 2020, 82′, EN, DE, NO OV + EN subs