Fucking Against Fascism & Goddess Ckiara’s Temple

Fucking Against Fascism: This film was conceptualised as a way to make something on a small enough budget that we could use it to raise money for life-saving charities, but grew as each performer, brilliant and talented in all they do, brought their own intentions and meanings to this erotic project. Portions of the sales from the film will be donated monthly to Trans Lifeline, Black Lives Matter and other organizations resisting the up-rise of fascism around the

Goddess Ckiara’s Temple: When Gabriel, a member of a SWERF (sex-worker exclusionary radical feminist) “savior society,” poses as a client for a Pro Domme session with Goddess Ckiara, in order to “save” her from the sex industry, his mission does not go as planned.


Goddess Ckiara’s Temple, Ckiara Rose & Daemon Derriere, United States, 2019, 27′, EN OV
Fucking Against Fascism, Chelsea Poe & Courtney Trouble, United States, 2018, 61′, EN OV