Porn Film Festival Vienna

This year’s collection of GAY PORN SHORTS is as colorful, as intimate, as powerful as it can get! Colorful like the wonderful bouquets of flowers, which create a dreamlike symbiosis between man and nature. Powerful, because our journey presents the idea of good sex with mother nature. Yum! And intimate? Yes! Lasting romantic moments that feel like a good friend whispering dirty secret in our ear. Secrets? We have heard a lot, but sometimes really tough ones are being revealed. Time to talk about ALL of history! Dirty and bold, that’s how we like it – because sometimes more is more, less is boring! Enjoy delicious gay snacks!

Tickets 8.-

‼ Please bring your health-certificates according to the valid corona-prevention measures. Reserved tickets must be collected up until 30 minutes before the screening.

Wolfgang’s Angels (Drei Engel Für Wolfgang), Jan Soldat, Germany, 2020, 4′ (local only)
MOTTA, Nish Gera, 2020, 15′
LET RIP: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF SEEING AND NOT SEEING, Lee Campbell, United Kingdom, 2019, 8′, EN OV + EN subs
Love 01: Sneaker boy, NO_PIC_NO_CHAT, Poland, 2019, 5′
Have We Met Before?, Oliver Mason, United Kingdom, 2019, 12′, EN OV
The Last Romantics, João Cândido Zacharias, Brazil, 2019, 12′, PT OV + EN subs
BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE (À l’Orée), Jean-Baptiste Huong, France 2019, 12′, FR OV
Sunny Boy, Sara Moralo, United Kingdom, 2019, 42′, EN OV