Porn Film Festival Vienna

Fetish Porn Shorts present a spectrum ranging from deeply caring hospital clowning to highly intensive love stories. Therefore, we will visit a red lighted basement, learn about Leo, who tries devotedly to make his Miss happy, and experience a bedroom scene featuring pink sneakers. We will go on an adventurous shopping trip, witness a transformation in loops, find ourselves on a female journey of sexploration and watch an intern putting much effort into his performance. Finally, we witness an intimate story about a boy’s fantasy, and a love-story charged with stroboscopic violence.

Tickets 8.-

Clown Care (XXX), Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 2020, 16′, (local only) – world premiere
Love Hurts, Livia Massei, Italy, 2019, 3′      
Bonds, Marileo, Italy, 2019, 8′, IT OV + EN subs (local only)         
Sneaker Slut, Chelsea Poe, United States, 2019, 13′, EN OV    
Are You Interested In A Film About Shopping?, Jan Soldat, Germany, 2020, 5′ (local only)
Look Like Me, Tim Best, United States, 2018, 3′, EN OV       
Walking A Fine Line, Meti Oker, Switzerland, 2019, 4′    
Performance Review, Carlos Deth, United States, 2019, 20′, EN OV      
Love 01: Sneaker boy, No_Pic_No_Chat, Poland, 2020, 4′       
Violet / Pain, MIXXIM and Toxicity, Sweden, 2019, 8′