Porn Film Festival Vienna

What is to be expected from the STRAIGHT PORN SHORTS this year? Trying to unveil reality, we follow the life of a full-time sex worker. Continuing on educating, a musical gush takes a look at polyamory in a SFW comedy. Porn Life is brought to a next level, sneak peeks are taken in the daily life of two different sex workers! Fantasies run wild and create pythonesque emotions and lustful touches. A personal dating history collides with humor and cynicism, while in other parts we come to enjoy primeordial instincts – instincts we all know. Electronic-sensually charged and driven by our inner avantgarde, we approach flowers and change and decay. We go straight to the core of lust.

Tickets 9.-

Polyamory The Musical, Inka Winter, United States, 2019, 5′, EN OV   
Beba’s fantasy, Lidia Ravviso, United Kingdom, 2018, 18′, EN OV + EN subs
Change, Tim Best, United States, 2019, 5′
A Sex Workers Story, Marcus Quillan, United Kingdom, 2019, 18′, EN OV + EN subs
pornlife 2.0,  Dirty Dreaz, Germany, 2019, 10′
Screw me and leave, Paul Lazar, Canada, 2017, 9′, EN OV + EN subs     
Coupling, Werther Germondari & Maria Laura Spagnoli, Italy, 2019, 5′  
Into the Wild, Inka Winter, United States, 2019, 14′      
Electro Sensual, Amanda Lindenbach, Canada, 2020, 5′    
Flowers / Decay, MIXXIM and Toxicity, Sweden, 2020, 7′