This program is entirely dedicated to female lust and pleasure and showcases masturbation as an act of liberation and empowerment. Drenched in cozy pinks and strong reds, showered with glitter, oil and water, the scenes evoke sensuality and passion – in the forest, at the lake, on the couch and in the bathtub! Rhythmically, the protagonists their body, in pairs of two and three. A mystical witch pays tribute to her sensual inner goddess with a gorgeous female* python while Narcissus & Echo show up in an engaging feminist reinterpretation of the story. What remains is a plea for self-love and body positivity.

Tickets 8.-

Venus in Scorpio, Evie Snax & Luzifer Priest, United States, 2018, 3′
trapped in desire, Saskia Koko, Austria, 2020, 3′ (local only)
Seeseiten, Feuer.zeug, Germany, 2020, 17′
Reflectograma, Juno Álvarez, Spain, 2019, 6′
Narcissus & Echo, Maria Lorente, Spain, 2019, 11′
Metaporn #1, Daria Ivanova, France, 2019, 10′
Undressed, Inka Winter, United States,  2019, 10′
In My Chamber, Blanca ReyGal, Mexico, 2019, 7′
Baby, Evie Snax, United States, 2018, 8′
Love Your Cunt, altSHIFT, United Kingdom, 2019, 12′, EN OV