Porn Film Festival Vienna

How do you capture feelings, sensations, lust, passion, pleasure if you want to challenge stereotypes and push boundaries? All the artists in this short film compendium dare to go one step further: We follow lonely mutants looking for warmth, experience saving the world by smoking sperm, dance on surfaces, worship fetishes in a psycho-erotic musical, relax with a queer slave and reassess our view of cam-girls. Lost girls take us on a visceral trip, luscious fruit enamors us, we question reality, discover the bizarre as beautiful, and let water be our guide in healing through sexual agency. 

Tickets 8.-

‼ Please bring your health-certificates according to the valid corona-prevention measures. Reserved tickets must be collected up until 30 minutes before the screening.
Aequor, Flicker Fuckers, Sweden, 2018, 7′ (local only)
Coming Clean, Ila Afterglow, Italy, 2019, 6′
Getting High on My Own Sperm, Shiri Feingold, Germany, 2017, 18′, EN, FI, FR, HE OV + EN sub
A story of seasons, Ann Antidote & Caine Panic & Miss Ann Tropia, Germany, 2019, 5′
Happy Hour, Werther Germondari, Italy, 2019, 2′ (local only)
Kissing the Eye, AntigonStaff, Ukraine, 2019, 6′  
Rapture, Iztok Klančar, Netherlands, 2019, 6′  
Real, Josephine Baltzersen, Austria, 2019, 1′
Sado Vegan Session, Werther Germondari, Italy, 2019, 7′
QUEER PORN AMERICANA, Chelsea Poe & Ella Bryn, United States, 2017, 15′, EN OV
Heat, Aiko Nuki, Mexico, 2019, 3′
Refractory, Cammy Leone, United States, 2019, 5′
ritual waves, Lina Bembe, Germany, 2019, 5′