Porn Film Festival Vienna

These Shorts take us on hot lesbian and queer adventures. We will take part in a journey on a motorbike that leads us directly into another kind of bumpy ride in a motel room. We join two women talking about safe sex before lustfully engaging in it. We experience the orgasmic climax of a boiling tea kettle in the morning, and observe three entwined bodies having casual sex in a nightclub. And we (excuse the pun) finish off with a engaging sex-postive potpourri featuring our favorite queer Berlin scenesters. All short films are wonderfully diverse, but with a strong emphasis on erotic intimacy between women*.

Tickets 8.-

Rascal Riders, Carlos Deth, United States, 2020, 23′, EN OV
Safe Tea is talking too, Mar Nantas & Juno Álvarez, Spain, 2019, 9′, ES OV + EN subs
Disco Made Me Do It, Inka Winter, United States, 2019, 22′, EN OV
The Kettle, Dwam, France, 2019, 4′, EN OV + EN subs
Third Shutter, Goodyn Green, Germany, 2019, 46′, EN OV