Porn Film Festival Vienna

Our collection of Austrian Porn Shorts presents exquisite nibbles beyond mass porn boredom. Get ready to observe vibrators and domestic kittens fighting and biting. We will travel to surreal landscapes to watch a vibrant pink anus in flirtatious interactions and embark on a dreamlike journey through shifting layers of consciousness. We will enjoy the great masturbatress enjoying herself, immerse ourselves in thoughts of possibilities and limits, and be electrified by the power of the vulva. We will witness fruity fleshy pleasure, a blind sexdate experiment, and hear a poetic story of emotional memories and burning sensations.

Tickets 8.-

HYSTERIA, Gerald Zahn, Austria, 2020, 3′, EN OV
Poof Paradise, Berivan Sayici & Florian Aschka, Austria, 2019, 2′
SUPERUNKNOWN, Angela Christlieb, Austria, 2019, 13′
The great Masturbatress, Alexandra Zaitseva, Austria, 2019, 1′
A Whole, Maggie Fitz, Austria, 2019, 8′, DE OV + EN subs
Origin of Electricity, Andreas Friedl, 2020, 4′
Water me, Romina Asuna, 2019, 3′
Blind Date 2, Arthouse Vienna, 2018, 27′, DE OV
The Thing (I did), Pablo Trujillo, 2019, Austria, 6′, EN OV