As long as we go east

As long as we go east
Mehdi Rondeleux,
Through a journey across Europe, starting in Rennes, finishing in Saint-Petersburg, a team of young documentarists spontaneously and poetically engage with an experience of culture, languages and borders. The camera follows Tao, a blooming artist travelling by the means of her skateboard.
Along the way they make insightful encounters and live unique experiences, through a variety of colours, landscapes, creative initiatives and incredible mouvements coming to sight progressively within their journey.

After the screening there will be an open discussion
with Mehdi Rondeleux and Marvin Kanas

- Free entry -
This summer tale is an individual challenge, taking place through the lives of different encounters bringing out a single poetic line, a movement. Under the humble wheels of a skateboard hides a tribute to the old continent. Overall, questioning the individuality, the mass, and moreover, us, the European youth.