PORN film festival 2021

Vienna's sexiest film festival is back at October 6-11, 2021!
 175 films
 3 workshops
 1 talk
 2 parties
 1 exhibition

Join us in this year’s festival edition, where we'll screen a carefully curated selection of feature, documentary and short films depicting a wide variety of s3xual orientations, identities, and body norms blurring the lines between art and film. Our vision is to create a safer space to collectively discuss and reflect on p0rnography, s3xuality and identity.
// As a first introduction to our program, we are proud to announce that our opening film will be the legendary documentary MORGANA by Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess

// Q&As with filmmakers, panel discussions, lectures, and our legendary porn party on Friday October 8, 2021 at Flex Club in cooperation with zART & ZUCKERL and Parallel Universe - an adult playground.
// exhibition of the PFFV in ccop with monochrom: FUCK CULTURE, DESCRIPTIVE
starting already on October 2nd!

-all our shortfilm programs will also be hawt as hell – infos soon on our website soon.
-ticketing start 25.09.2021 directly at Schikaneder Festival Center / no ticket reservation
-STAY TUNED - more info here and on website coming soon!!!
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Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
91 min., OV
Continuing our cinematic voyage of discovery and through queer desires, the collection of Queer Porn Shorts II promises a darn good variety of sexual practices! The films put queer bodies in the spotlight and are breaking new ground in porn production. Lustfully proclaiming LGBTQIA+ pride, these films are an expression of body positivity and a demand for visibility.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
94 min., OV
Porn is always political, even if mainstream productions try to portray it differently. The Political Porn Shorts make their political message explicit and take a stand on current issues. Porn is about self-determination and self-expression, it is about everyday struggles and structural discrimination, about sexual education and freedom, and sometimes even about revolution!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
120 min., OV
Exploring and celebrating the variety of female* pleasures in this section through different perspectives, in different settings with different people. Be prepared for dreamy, bubbly phantasies, fun for three as well as sensual time for one, playful interactions with a hawt bodies and deep self-revelations. Ultimately, this program invites you to question yourself, what female* actually means to you. Let‘s destroy some boxes in our heads and dive deep into intimate pleasure.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
91 min., OV
We sure know that sex can be fun! And so do this year’s filmmakers that make us laugh with some absurd and sexy comedy! Breaking taboos, celebrating excitement, and spicing it up with a load of humor, the Fun Porn Shorts are one of the festival highlights! Let’s have a good laugh together and free sex from any stigma that says it always must be serious!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 84
84 min., OV
BDSM Porn Shorts will be all about Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. Besides spanking and roleplaying, there will also be blood! The program includes playful scenes and only consensual practices that act out the inequality of powers.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
97 min., OV
Experimental Porn Shorts brings together films that understand porn as a playground to explore fantasies and visualize new ideas. Come with us on a sensual journey of discovery that challenges stereotypes and shifts points of views, that explores new paths, pushes boundaries and that gives passion and pleasure a whole new meaning.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
100 min., OV
Celebrating diversity and all forms of queer sexuality, this year’s Queer Porn Shorts I act as a manifesto to shape LGBTQIA+ culture and body positivity. Travelling between poetic images and fun adventures, these films give visibility to bodies and sexualities that are hardly represented in mainstream culture.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
91 min., OV
The Fetish Porn Shorts focus on the representation of sexual fixations on a nonliving object or nongenital body part. Feet, eyes, needles, cars or shoes, everything that can be eroticized has a place in this program! The collection brings together established and beloved fetishes with unexpected sexual preferences. Be prepared for an adventure!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
86 min., OV
Well, no wonder that after so many lonely days and nights during a pandemic, masturbation porn is popping up everywhere! What else was there to do but to explore your own body and lift your spirits with the help of a little self-love? Everybody, get ready to get your hands dirty, Masturbation Porn Shorts is on!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
62 min., OV
This year's Lesbian Porn Shorts not only focus on lesbian sexual fantasies and their non-male-gazed, non-heteronormative representations in porn. The collection also presents films made by lesbian filmmakers and thus is an homage as well to all the women* behind the camera. The films are as intimate as they are playful, they are ecstatic, liberating, and wonderfully diverse!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
83 min.,
Doc Porn Shorts is another new collection this year, which explores the documentary side of porn. The films portray personal stories and desires, ask about different forms of pleasure and visual developments in the representation of sex and the body.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
84 min., OV
Straight or queer, gay or lesbian, everybody is welcome to enjoy our Straight Porn Shorts! The collection offers an amazing alternative to mainstream porn and lets fantasies run wild! Going straight to the core of lust, these films will manage to make you groan and at the same time set new ethical standards in the industry.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
98 min., OV
Fighting clichés and prejudice about gay sex, this year’s collection of Gay Porn Shorts is both political and playful! It fulfills gay desire in all its varieties, reaching from hard to soft, from fisting to cuddling. Presenting some pretty exciting Man-on-Man action, these films bring gay topics to a new level.


diverse, 2021
93 min., OV
Opening with a tasty, colorful, and fabulous mixture of different sexualities, bodies, and fantasies, our Intro Porn Shorts will wake up even the laziest couch potato after a long Covid-19 lockdown sleep! Luckily, this is just the beginning of a spicy festival program with a lot of juicy surprises! Are you ready to dive into new sexy porn spheres with us?


DE, 2019
82 min., dt. OV
Gewinner BEST FICTION beim diesjährigen Porn Film Festival Vienna. Davor zeigen wir den Gewinnerfilm der BEST AUSTRIAN SHORTS - PROGRESSIVE TOUCH.

ticket price: 9.-€
Porn Film Festival Vienna


AT/DE/US, 2020
80 min., OmeU
Gewinner BEST DOCUMENTARY beim diesjährigen Porn Film Festival Vienna.
Davor zeigen wir THE MULTIVERSE IN A MOUTHFUCK - Gewinner Int. Short.

Tisch “The Tigress” Thomas was born to be on stage. The 47-year-old mother and grandmother had toughened up her body - as much as her mind - during her transformation into a bodybuilder and stage goddess. “I Am The Tigress” captures her most spectacular stage performances as well as her most fragile moments behind the scenes.

The documentary shows “The Tigress” moving from her work as a dominatrix to the intimate circle of her family and friends. It portrays a woman that seems to be the incarnation of body positivity, and at the same time is a vulnerable person fighting against self-doubt and social discrimination.

ticket price: 9.-€
DJLine from 21:00 - 00:00


All good and smutty thing come to an end - we want to celebrate and have fun - join us at the closing party!

SEBA KAYAN is a viennese DJ and artist.

Her music has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach. By digging into various music archives she collects lost pieces. In her musical spectrum, techno meets Anatolian sounds. A binary vision of an occidental vs. oriental world is not aimed to be created, but both cultures are tried to be embodied and become interwoven. By seeking the past in archives, an imagination of tomorrow is getting shaped into a hybrid music. Acquiring ascriptions and deconstructing them in the musical process, as a collective improvisation process. This method of relating to the ancestors, to a collective memory, tells also an a-linear historical narrative.
Porn Film Festival Vienna

URBAN SMUT with pre-film CRASH

DE, 2020
86 min., No Dialogue
This anthology film is a sexual journey through the urban landscape of Berlin. For the first time, five iconic figures of the Berlin indie porn scene - Theo Meow, Katy Bit, Jo Pollux, Finn Peaks and Candy Flip – got together in this collaboration and created five episodes of explicit sex based on their personal fantasies. Including queer and straight sex, reaching from BDSM, masturbation or voyeurism to erotic wrestling, each episode is of superb aesthetic value and pure visual pleasure! Whether in a stuffed basement, on a dusty construction site or at the canal bank, “Urban Smut” explores the city’s sexual vibe and manages to capture a smoking hot summer in Berlin!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


BR, 2020
80 min., OV
After avant-garde experiments like “Penis Poetry” and “Alfredo doesn’t like goodbyes”, director André Medeiros Martins is back with a new project called “Sexual Alphabet”. The film portrays Andrés' current love affair with his boyfriend Hudson de Carvalho from a set of pornographic and psychedelic experiments that forge both the couple and their doubts regarding the very condition of the romance they are experiencing.

Torn between the non-monogamous porn sceneries that he creates in his films and his personal desire for conventional relationship concepts, director Andrés Medeiros Martins offers a collage-like cinematic reflection about his sexual life.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


DE, 2019
82 min., OmeU
Four depressive teenage girls withdraw from patriarchal society to start a new life in a mountain hideout. Isolated from society, they transform their misery and melancholia into pornography for their web project "The Sad Girls of The Mountains" and use the money they earn to fund their survival and to support Kurdish militia groups. The girls see their sadness as an act of countercultural resistance and want to weaponize the so-called male gaze. The arrival of two reporters intending to make a documentary about them changes the dynamics in their feminist micro-utopia.

A mockumentary stuffed with witty social criticism!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


ES, 2020
64 min., OmeU
Seven women and one non-binary person of different ages and sexualities embark on a journey towards a deeper understanding of their relationship with masturbation. The protagonists narrate their personal experiences in spoken interviews and through writing, allowing them to delve into their memories, emotions, and personal transformations concerning a subject that for almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has been taboo. Talking about different techniques, sex toys or how masturbation had affected their relationships, the protagonists create a sphere for normalization of female self-pleasure and provide inspiration to continue these conversations.
Porn Film Festival Vienna

BEDTIME STORIES by Noel Alejandro

67 min.,
Created in 2020 by indie porn director Noel Alejandro, Bedtime Stories is an anthology of short stories focused on studying and revealing the beauty of intimacy.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


DE, IL, 2018
106 min., OmeU
Director Tomer Haymann followed Jonathan Agassi, one of the world’s most successful gay porn stars, for several years through different stations of the sex industry. The film captures the birth and genesis of the carefully curated, larger-than-life porn persona Agassi and his fame that is substantially based on breaking taboos. It is a film about sexual fantasies, the world of porn between Israel and Germany, but also about a loving and encouraging mother-son-relationship that challenges common family concepts. “Jonathan Agassi saved my life” not only focuses on Agassi’s stardom and his revolutionary impact on the porn industry, but also on the backstage experience of a destructive lifestyle.

MEN OF TURKEY: Re-visiting gay ethnic pornography between Germany and Turkey

This lecture will focus gay ethnic pornography between Germany and Turkey considering the cross-segmented relationship between post-colonialism, sexualities, Orientalism and re-Orientalization.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


FR, 2020
91 min., OmeU
“Vivante” by director Anushka is a remarkable feature that explores new paths of porn by interweaving issues of “disabled” bodies, sexuality, and sex work.

Lou and Charlotte meet each other during a dance lesson and begin a passionate love story, which ends abruptly when Lou has a bicycle accident. After the accident Lou is in need of a wheelchair, which makes her feel like she is a burden to her girlfriend and fall into a deep depression. In order to help her girlfriend to rediscover her passion and sexuality, Charlotte turns to a sexual assistant, who finds a way to support Lou in her healing process. Step by step Lou learns to accept her body and Charlotte and Lou can find a way to reenter their passionate love story.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
85 min., OV
These films will make your darkest fantasies come true! For the first time in the festival’s history, dark rituals, witchcraft, or vampires shall be the fountains and actors of sexual desire. The collection of Dark Temptation Porn Shorts shows that fantasy is more than just a genre! It is an expression of hidden cravings and a deep source of lust.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


BR, 2021
85 min., OV
EDIY is a Brazilian deviant porn platform collectively built by restless minds and bodies. Their production seeks to reinvent and refresh sexual imaginaries: "Representations in traditional porn do not satisfy, neither represent us. We work through our desires, investigating our bodies and sharing our horniness. We seek for more, we want other ways of creating and consuming porn. And we want to bring a new squirt of pleasures to your screen."
Porn Film Festival Vienna

MR. LEATHER with pre-film OINK!

diverse, 2020/21
127 min., OmeU
Shown and presented in cooperation with LMC Vienna Hard ON

Mr. Leather, Daniel Nolasco, Brazil, 2019, 85', Portuguese OV & EN subs

The shocking and sexually explicit new documentary “Mr. Leather” invites you to embrace your deepest and darkest desires. Take a front-row seat as five individual contestants vie for full leather dominance! The winner will be crowned the first official Mr. Leather of Brazil. Along with victory comes a year-long commitment to promoting the leather community throughout the country. As sailors and sadists alike arrive in town, writer-director Daniel Nolasco, making his feature-length film debut, follows all the action in voyeuristic detail, creating gorgeous and intensely provocative compositions that celebrate the unique power of this thriving subculture.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


US, 2019
100 min., OmeU
Let's talk about sex? Sure!

And who's better at it than Ruth Westheimer, a small but vivacious lady with a strong German accent! “Dr. Ruth”, as she was called on American radio and television, was not afraid to speak up in the 1980s and became a pop icon for her frank advice on sex. Without a trace of shame, she shared her expertise with empathy, charm, humor, and infectious openness. But “Dr. Ruth” even had a lot to tell beyond her public persona - about her childhood in an Orthodox Jewish Family in Germany, about being an orphan in Switzerland, about her years in Palestine or her three marriages.

In cooperation with Jüdisches Film Festival Wien.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


DE, 2020
60 min., OmeU
“EEG ORGY” deals with the question of what goes on, not only in the body, but also in the mind of participants of a hot queer orgy. Measuring brainwaves in pleasure and organism, the film takes a scientific approach and at the same time remains refreshingly playful. The feature is not meant to act as a medical authority, it rather understands itself as a curious observation of brainwaves during sex.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


diverse, 2021
101 min., OV
Join us for a final journey through this year's short film compilations and enjoy our Mixed Porn Shorts program! The films include a colorful combo of different sexualities, bodies, and fantasies. They combine diverse desires and body-positivity, and present experimental approaches of filmmaking.
Porn Film Festival Vienna

MORGANA with pre-film GODASSES – PARTI 1: Puscle Mussy

AU, 2019
71 min., enOV
With the documentary “Morgana” the feminist dynamite duo Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess created an impressive artistic character portrait of a 50-year-old mother and wife, who re-invented herself as a sex-positive feminist porn star. Struggling with mental health issues Morgana finds strength in taking ownership of her body and a new supportive community. The film is an invitation to flourishing self-love as it chronicles the protagonist’s journey from being a repressed housewife to becoming a shining star in the feminist porn heaven and a “sex-positive at any age” icon.